DJ | Producer, based in Berlin, Germany
Released on Housewax (Rawax)

picture yannick 2017 bearbeitet

Yannick´s been fidgeting around with electronic music half of his life,the first 8 years were pure vinyl collecting and mixing and the last 5 years using those 8 years experience to create his own sound.

Somewhere in his puberty the magic happened. He bought his first decks and a mixer and since that day addicted to electronic music or just music in general because it definitely does not have to be electronic music to touch his inner spot.
The last 10 years have seen him have several residencies all over and has played in practically every country in Europe, with some of the most known djs in the world including : Chez Damier, Marshall Jefferson, Moodymann, Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin, Derrick May, Monika Kruse, just to name a few.
On his own events he has invited djs such as : Dyed Soundorom, Mayaan Nidam, Cats and Dogs, Reboot, Dan Ghenacia, Javier Logares, Anthea and so so many more.

Last but not least he also has a project with lifetime friend Sander Markey under the name “Robyns & Markey” and has released several collaboration tracks.

From 2012 until 2015 he was hosting his infamous monthly Wanted! events at Chalet Club in Berlin.

In 2016 Yannick released a collaboration track “Keep Roling” with Daniela La Luz´s on her second album “Counting Days”.

Yannick Is currently working on his Elektro Acid side project Mystic Future.

Yannick has played at Tresor, About Blank, Weekend Club, Chalet, Katerholzig, Bar25, Loftus Hall, Hoppetosse, Prince Charles, Griessmühle, Ritter Butzke, Golden Gate, Arena, Cookies, Wilde Renate (Berlin/D), Fuse club, Decadance, Make Up Club (B), Showcase, Java (FR), Vila (NL), La Ruche, Nordstern (CH), Lärm (Hungary), Spain, Poland, Estonia and much more places.

Yannick at the Parallel Radio Show:

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Resident Advisor

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