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Believe it or not, it has been 5 years since the first Parallel party all they way back in 2007 in Ghent, Belgium. Things changed a lot in the meantime; PARALLEL moved from Ghent to Bavaria and then finally to Berlin.
It grew into a booking agency, a family of creative, likeminded people.

Here in Berlin we met the guys from Tel Aviv based Legotek records, which are accidentally celebrating their 5 years existence as well. So we came up with the idea to join forces and throw a big party together!

We chose :// ABOUT BLANK, as it is our favorite underground club in Berlin. We got one House and one Techno floor for you! Come early, leave late.

:// DATE: Friday 26th October 2012

:// START: 23:59h


Facebook Event

Resident Advisor Event


:// LINE UP:

Esther Duijn (Parallel, Another Earth, Organic Records, NL)

Robyns & Markey ft. Mz Sunday Luv (Parallel, Tonkind, Riot Riot Technique)

Daniela La Luz live (Parallel, Other Heights, Riot Riot Technique)

Mareena Sonderbar (Parallel, Tresor)

Ichundfred (Teilzeit, Legotek)

Nir Ivenizki (Legotek, Teilzeit)

Doron Eisenberg (Legotek, Teilzeit)

Kamil Braunschmidt (Legotek, Teilzeit)

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Had some nice times in and around Berlin lately…

Info & Booking Contact:


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Hey, has been a while since we updated you, but now the time is right for a new post.

Our partnerlabel Riot Riot Technique just released last friday their first compilation. They puzzled a few months to make the perfect soundtrack to represent who they are.

What came out is a compilation with 11 tracks, 15 artists from 10 nations! Wow! The finished results are all dance-floor tracks, some bit slower, some bit faster.

Ofcourse a few of the Parallel artists are also represented. Daniela La Luz and Hagi teamed up and produced a dubby track together. Danish wonder-kid  Optic gave one of his masterpieces. Robyns & Markey also. And our breakbeat brothers from Hanuman Tribe made a more raving track with their new project Moment Musik..


Just check out yourself, we´re sure you will enjoy every single one of them >


Giving also young artists the chance to showcase their creative knowledge, they let a Munich art student, Isabel Sarbacher, make a release video.

Enjoy enjoy!


Get it at:




… and all the other common online shops.


Catalogue: RRT008

Format: WAV, mp3

Mastering: Zzzzra

Artwork: Forkeln

Video:  Isabel Sarbacher



1. Pat Ondebaak – DANCEHALL (UK) // 08:17

2. Andre Wakko & David Goldberg – LANGBUERGNER (Brazil/Germany) // 06:39

3. Hagi & Daniela La Luz – LE DAP (Germany) // 07:27

4. Optic – YEARHOUSE (Denmark) // 06:00

5. Moment Musik – ROAD WORKS (Germany) // 06:51

6. Robyns & Markey – ALL THIS DRAMA (Belgium) // 05:40

7. Claudio Masso – I`M FREE, WITH NO BOUNDARIES (1989 Mix) (Italy) // 06:41

8. Patrick Di Stefano – YEAR OF THE LOVER (Italy) // 05:21

9. Splitradix – FIELD TRIPS (Ireland) // 04:07

10.Masa Hiko – CAMPFIRE (Germany) // 06:50

11. Herzel & Genoveva – DISTANT SHAPES (Macedonia) // 05:00


Learn more about Riot Riot Technique:



Official Website



100% MUSIC


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