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Every once and a while we will deliver you a podcast, to showcase the agency’s diverse talents and to spread some nice grooves into the world!

The podcasts from our series are no club live recordings, so they cover a wider musical range. Your favourite artist may surprise you with an extraordinary set, different from his club sets.

Enjoy the voyage!

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Hey, has been a while since we updated you, but now the time is right for a new post.

Our partnerlabel Riot Riot Technique just released last friday their first compilation. They puzzled a few months to make the perfect soundtrack to represent who they are.

What came out is a compilation with 11 tracks, 15 artists from 10 nations! Wow! The finished results are all dance-floor tracks, some bit slower, some bit faster.

Ofcourse a few of the Parallel artists are also represented. Daniela La Luz and Hagi teamed up and produced a dubby track together. Danish wonder-kid  Optic gave one of his masterpieces. Robyns & Markey also. And our breakbeat brothers from Hanuman Tribe made a more raving track with their new project Moment Musik..


Just check out yourself, we´re sure you will enjoy every single one of them >


Giving also young artists the chance to showcase their creative knowledge, they let a Munich art student, Isabel Sarbacher, make a release video.

Enjoy enjoy!


Get it at:




… and all the other common online shops.


Catalogue: RRT008

Format: WAV, mp3

Mastering: Zzzzra

Artwork: Forkeln

Video:  Isabel Sarbacher



1. Pat Ondebaak – DANCEHALL (UK) // 08:17

2. Andre Wakko & David Goldberg – LANGBUERGNER (Brazil/Germany) // 06:39

3. Hagi & Daniela La Luz – LE DAP (Germany) // 07:27

4. Optic – YEARHOUSE (Denmark) // 06:00

5. Moment Musik – ROAD WORKS (Germany) // 06:51

6. Robyns & Markey – ALL THIS DRAMA (Belgium) // 05:40

7. Claudio Masso – I`M FREE, WITH NO BOUNDARIES (1989 Mix) (Italy) // 06:41

8. Patrick Di Stefano – YEAR OF THE LOVER (Italy) // 05:21

9. Splitradix – FIELD TRIPS (Ireland) // 04:07

10.Masa Hiko – CAMPFIRE (Germany) // 06:50

11. Herzel & Genoveva – DISTANT SHAPES (Macedonia) // 05:00


Learn more about Riot Riot Technique:



Official Website



100% MUSIC


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A new underground party concept was born last month!


Twist it! brings you the best from the scene, bigger names and smaller upcoming talents gather forces to give you a night to remember. ( Well I sure remember the first edition last month where I celebrated my birthday :))


Location: Check. SK Robinson, the old My Name is Barbarella transformed into a fresh, cosy and spheric club.  ( Skalitzerstr. 36, 10999 Berlin, DE )

Audience: Check. Met among a lot of friends very openminded, funny, beautifull party people.

Residents: Check. Yannick Robyns is doing the line ups, and with his excellent taste, nothing can go wrong.


The next episode will be next saturday 12th November 2011, and on board are:

Main room:


Mutlu ( Bar 25 )

◆ Sese ( Bar 25 )

Yannick Robyns feat. Mz Sunday Luv (Twist it!, Colludo, Riot Riot Technique, Parallel)

Anthea ( Phonica Rec.) / UK


Second room:


Daniela La Luz LIVE ( Parallel, Riot Riot Technique, Moody Heights)

Egon Carter

David Goldberg ( Wup Wup, Riot Riot Technique )

Chak Besh ( Manege 8 )



See you there!



PS: Parallel did the artwork for the flyer. Hope you like it.

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