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Cognitive neuroscience of music is the scientific study of brain-based mechanisms involved in the cognitive processes underlying music. These behaviours include music listening, performing, composing, reading, writing, and ancillary activities. It also is increasingly concerned with the brain basis for musical aesthetics and musical emotion.




Stojche (Tangible Assets, Argumento Music, Parallel)
Nir Ivenizki (Legotek, Parallel)
Denise Rabe (Legotek)
Daniela La Luz – LIVE (Rawax, White Rabbit Rec., Parallel)
Doron Eisenberg (Legotek, Parallel)
Esther Duijn (Feelharmonic, Nowar, Parallel)
Yannick Robyns (Wanted, Tonkind, Parallel)
Mareena (Tresor, Parallel)
Kamil Braunschmidt (Legotek)








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2012 was AMAZING!
We had great gigs all over Europe, we met the nicest people, saw cool new clubs and off locations, had an unforgettable 5th birthday party.
And that all thanks to you!
So first of all the whole Parallel crew wants to thank you for your love and support!

Next stop: 2013.
Great things coming up already, you can find us on festivals like Tomorrowland (B), Edit Fesitval (NL), Lost-Theory Festival (Croatia), etc.

And we will take this opportunity to introduce you our newest artists…



Lets start with STOJCHE. (Dogmatik, Tangible Assets, Argumento Music)
This Macedonian wonderkid moved from Skopje, Macedonia to Berlin last October and joined our little family we have here.

Check out his vinyl only podcast for us:

“Stojche is one of the names on the European circuit that is broadening the scope of underground techno & house.
Hailing straight from Macedonia´s capital Skopje (currently living in Berlin), he played one of the key roles in the Macedonian underground scene in the last decade. From dj-ing at the various club nights and festivals, he moved to producing, developing his own take of the underground house & techno, a sound that is perfectly distilled in his dj sets.
Throughout the last years, by releasing on various record labels like Dogmatik, Argumento, Liebe Detail and his own Tangible Assets vinyl imprint,  Stojche has proved that he is possessing the skills in executing a ´must have record´. Fusing a classic Detroit sentiment,  Chicago house and dubbed out vibes, Stojche’s sound is at the epicentre of today’s underground essential selection.
He is one of the guys behind the Argumento Music, vinyl platform showcasing the quality techno and the finest house music associated wit the traces of deepness.
Stojche has performed in different venues and festivals across the usual rounds of Europe. His sets are full of exquisite, refreshing, rolling, soulful, deep and crisp grooviness. He always combines various forms of underground house and techno.”

More info:



Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Israel we have another new Berlin resident DORON EISENBERG (Legotek).

Check out his podcast for Sordid Culture (Chicago):

“Doron’s taste in music took shape as he grew up, listening to the music his parents and brother played at home. It was all Rock, Black Disco, Electro Pop, Break-Dance, and US and British House. As the years passed, Doron formed a varied, rhythmic, and moving musical repertoire. As he developed his direction in electronic music, he started to pursue new avenues. He joined courses at Tel Aviv’s “Muzik” College where he learned about the technical aspects of sound equipment. From there, he went on to study at “Hedd College”, where he learned about music theory and how to produce music. As time passed, Doron composed his personal vision on the influence of sound through the subconscious and sharpened his personal mixing technique to construct a musical atmosphere, or as he likes to call it: “The Psychology of Sound”.
Doron insists that a – “good DJ must create a deep and positive psychological connection with the audience and understand, together with the audience, what drives them in order to create something new. It’s equally as important to do this while maintaining a high level of technique and professionalism.”
In 2004, Doron started to produce while in the same time playing in underground parties throughout Israel. As he discovered what he truly liked in electronic music, he started combining minimal and techno music with touches of Disco and African music.
In 2006, Doron met Nir as they both studied at “Muzik”. It was their similar passion and musical vision which brought them together. They used their experiences in Israel and their similar cultural perceptions to form a unique way of promoting the electronic scene in Israel.
In 2007, Doron and Nir officially created the “Legotek Group” and produced their first event. It has been nothing but a success story since then. Thanks to Doron’s hard work, Legotek grew in the quality of their productions. He has been performing in countless clubs throughout Israel, Germany, and Italy.
Currently, Doron resides in Berlin, where he continues to DJ and produce creative events, while maintaining a unique sound and high level of production. In 2012, Doron is expected to release his first EP with Legotek Records.”

More info:



Other Legotek labelhead, NIR IVENIZKI also joined the Parallel forces.

Check out his upcoming vinyl EP on Legotek Records:
“Nir Ivenizki is the founder of Legotek-Group and Label. Currently, Nir Ivenizki runs his own business; as an Event Manager, Producer, and DJ. When performing, he is best recognized for his blend of classic Chicago and Detroit house with deep and tribal sounds.
A look at the past:
Most of the people becoming musicians have a clear background in this subject and are in contact with music at an early age. They learn how to play an instrument or sing in a choir for example. Well that’s exactly the case for
Nir. At the age of nine, he learned to play the piano, which awoke his first feelings for music. He grew into his teens while listening to Jazz, original funk and disco, and Ska. The likes of Herbie Hancock and Kraftwerk are what built the bridge to his passion for electronic music. At that same time, the Detroit-Techno sound was in full blossom and it led him to purchase his first turntables and find his way to the Techno scene.
In 1998, by the age of 16, Nir started to take various courses at Tel Aviv’s music school “Muzik”, a school specifically focusing on music production. He was a fast learner and soon moved from the role of student to teacher, giving music-mixing courses and music workshops. During Nir´s activities at the school he also met his first Legotek partner, Doron Eisenberg.
From the year 2000 on Nir took part and created his first own events in Tel-Aviv such as student-raves, the Love Parade, Techno – Underground Street Parties, and many more.
In 2005 Nir played in Germany for the first time. He was absolutely impressed by the high quality of Germany’s electronic music scene and recognized a huge gap between Israel’s and Germany’s scene. He decided to improve Israel’s urban culture by pushing alternative nightlife events, particularly in Tel-Aviv.
He showed through his work that the country needed to undergo major changes for it to improve its standards on an international level. Today, Tel-Aviv is one of the major clubbing destinations and maintains a great
international reputation.
Based on this development, the Legotek Group was born in 2007, successfully organizing countless nightlife events throughout Tel Aviv. In 2010, Nir published his first Tracks: “Aho Aha”, “Esperanza” and “Funk It” on Legotek Records. More recently, in the summer of 2011 Nir moved to Berlin to pursue new projects for Legotek while solidifying the bonds between the German and Israel cultures. Currently, Nir is a resident of the Teilzeit event group in Berlin.”

More info:


>>> All of them can be booked through Riet – booking@wirsindparallel.de



Catch our artists on their following gigs!



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