Producer | DJ | Label Manager at Tangible Assets and Argumento Music   –  based in BERLIN/D
Released on Grounded In Humanity, Argumento, Subwax,  Tangible Assets, Dogmatik (12″ vinyl)








Stojche is one of the names on the European circuit that is broadening the scope of underground techno & house.

Hailing straight from Macedonia´s capital Skopje (currently living in Berlin), he played one of the key roles in the Macedonian underground scene in the last decade. From dj-ing at the various club nights and festivals, he moved to producing, developing his own take of the underground house & techno, a sound that is perfectly distilled in his dj sets.

Throughout the last years, by releasing on various record labels like Dogmatik, Argumento, Liebe Detail and his own Tangible Assets vinyl imprint,  Stojche has proved that he is possessing the skills in executing a ´must have record´. Fusing a classic Detroit sentiment,  Chicago house and dubbed out vibes, Stojche’s sound is at the epicentre of today’s underground essential selection.

He is one of the guys behind the Argumento Music, vinyl platform showcasing the quality techno and the finest house music associated wit the traces of deepness. His sets are full of exquisite, refreshing, rolling, soulful, deep and crisp grooviness. He always combines various forms of underground house and techno.

Stojche has played already at Tresor, About Blank, Sisyphos, Katerholzig, Humboldthain, Griessmühle, Prince Charles, Loftus Hall, Golden Gate, Chalet (Berlin/D), Supermarket (CH), Basing House, Arthouse (UK), Serbia and Macedonia. 


On the Parallel Radio Show:


Resident Advisor

Click here for next dates and gigs.


Info & Booking Contact:
Riet –
(0049) 173 9077584


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