From the darkness, into the light

24 hours – 3 floors

Time flies and so do we: 11 years Parallel Berlin & we fought for the right to party! ❤
We teamed up with Phase, who invited Astron Bar (Athens, GR) and teamed up for a well planned line-up as usual.

For the 11 years floor we selected a crunchy, house line-up, later on the edge of techno.
Legend Mr. #robertowens , DASCO (Housewax / IL), Handmade DJ Page (Tresor, Same Bitches), DANIELA LA LUZ live (Parallel Berlin, Chiwax), DJ Demm (Disk Capita).

Phase invites Astron Bar (Athens, GR) and their sound will explore the shades of techno, elektro, wave and drone. Headliner Morah, who released on Return To Disorder, as well as Vanila´s ANFS, Miltiades pres. Outermost (Phormix, Echovolt Records) and Exterminador (Exterminador Rec,)

For the daytime, Parallel residents B.E.F., Yannick Robyns, as well as Phase´s Alexis and Hallion will play the perfect ravy, but soulful sets in that warm and cozy Wintergarten!

You can buy tickets at Resident Advisor in pre-sale, or just get them at the door. What more can we say at the moment, just look yourself and we´re looking forward to meet you and your friends on the dancefloor!

instagram event picture SUPERMASTER-01

Silo: 11 Years Planet Parallel
Robert Owens (Fingers Inc., USA)
DASCO (Housewax / IL)
Handmade (Tresor, Same Bitches)
Daniela La Luz LIVE (Parallel Berlin, Chiwax)
DJ Dem (Disk Capita, GR)
Halle: Phase invites Astron Bar Athens
ANFS (Vanila, Modal Analysis, GR)
Morah (Phormix, Return To Disorder, GR)
Miltiades pres. Outermost (Phormix)
Exterminador (Exterminador Rec,)
BMSK (Pi Electronics)
Wintergarten: Planet Parallel & Phase
B.E.F. (Parallel Berlin, ∑ )
Yannick Robyns (Parallel Berlin, Wanted)
Alexis (Phase)
Hallion (Hallion)
> TICKETS available on pre-sale on RA or at the door:

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New club sets: Mikki & Afrofox!

We´ve uploaded two DJ sets, recorded at our last event at Griessmuehle, Berlin.
A 2,5 hour DJ set by resident Mikki, and a 1,5 hour set by our guests from Cyprus: Afrofox. A voyage through disco, house, post-punk, acid, african rhythms and techno with a soulful vibe.

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Trippin Planet Parallel

Now that was something!
For this one we programmed a special 26 hour voyage for you, on 3 floors.  An electronic music trip + art expo. From the past, into the now, into the future and back. From the darkness into the light, throughout all the shades, and it was just breathtaking!

Next > 21 DEC @ Griessmuehle, Berlin / Planet Parallel & Phase

sept GRIESS 2018 POSTER 4 naked illu 1

__DJ Trax (Moving Shadow / UK)
__Glenn Astro (Ninja Tune, Money $ex Records)
__X&trick (New York Haunted, Bug Klinik / BE)
__Havoc (Jungle Train, Ruffskool / BE)
__DANIELA LA LUZ live (Parallel Berlin, Chiwax)
__Uta (Rec Room)
__dj yannick robyns (Mystic Future, Wanted, Parallel Berlin)
__Afrofox (Sousami, Afro Banana Republic / CY)
__Matt Lush (Nightime Drama / AU)
__Rozaliaaa (Soonyouwillknow / PL)
__Noa (Radialsystem)
__MIKKI (White Boys Can´t Jump, Parallel Berlin)

+ expo on friday evening 20.00h

__Rahel Süßkind Illustration
__Die Goldene Discofaust


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