Originally hailing from Luxembourg and Denmark, Mikki draws the line between electronic club genres, finding the perfect balance between crunch and soul.

The love for music hit him in a young age, when he learned to play cello. Due to his parents he got affected with jazz, blues and classic music and hiphop became the first underground genre he got in touch with. As teenager he listened to Techno and Schranz (a term emerged in 1994 in Germany by DJ Chris Liebing) and stepped early into clubbing, which marked the final affection by electronic music. Because of the small scene in Luxemburg, he and some friends organized trips to some big techno events in Germany and Belgium.

His curiosity shifted deeper into experimental, acoustic and electronic music.
In 2007 Mikki moved to Berlin. Next to his film and animation studies he started buying vinyl and got in touch with the Berlin scene. Motivated by all the input, he organized together with college friend different events. Mikki gradually became inspired by the scene and began to dig deeper into music-production, self-taught.

Since then he has performed in different clubs around Berlin (Tresor, Chalet, Griessmühle, Berghain Kantine, Humboldthain etc…) and his love for music is unstoppable. Filled up with enthusiasm, vinyl lover Mikki enjoyes performing and is frequently locking himself in the studio, working on future releases and projects.

All this experience brought him to Parallel, where he provides an infectious and diverse set of house and techno music for the dancefloor lovers.



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