Our partners:
> music: 

Her Damit – Festival 2016, Rügen (Germany)
Fuse Club – Brussels (Belgium)
Moody Heights
– Belgian house vinyl label, sublabel of Other Heights
Other Heights – Belgian dub/techno vinyl label, motherlabel of Moody Heights
Havoc – One of the last old school jungle / drumnbass dj´s in Belgium, organiser of the Ruffskool party in Antwerp
Dynooo – Belgian beats talents, from glitch to lo fi electronica, grounder of the Surf Kill Label
Love Techno – Hate Germany – anti-nationalist party concept
Impulse Berlin – Dubstep event at About Blank
CDR Berlin  – music platform and workshops
Aura Karma Alles – underground music and art party concept (Munich, Germany)
City Club – club in Augsburg (Germany)


> movie:

Max Vaupel – Movie Production
Provincial Productions – Movie Production
Dagmar Voit – Motion Designer / Special Effects
Andi Pek – Movie Editor


> photography/graphic/web design: 

Tine Guns – Belgian Video Artist
Aaron Lapeirre – Berlin based photographer
Tessa De Ceuninck
– Belgian Collage Artist
Marcus Lapp – Webdesign / Photography
Ariane Schott – London / Berlin based Hair Designer / Stylist
Feral Plains – Belgian based digital artist / photography duo
Jim Van Loo – Urban Explorer / Photographer – Belgium
Mat. – Belgian illustrator / painter
Preben Van der Straeten – Installation / Diorama Artist – Belgium
Sarah Eechaut – Belgian Photographer
Simon Rabenstein – German Graphic Designer
Forkeln – Silk Screening / Graphic Design – Germany
Yukifish – Hamburg based designer toys / street art shop and gallery
Matthieu Séry – Berlin based multi disciplined artist


> organisations: 

Strassen aus Zucker – leftish youth magazine against “state, nation & capital”


More info: 


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