Producer | Live Act  – based in SKOPJE/MACEDONIA & BERLIN/GERMANY
Released on Uncanny Valley, Biologic Records, Hivern Discs, Charlois, Other Heights, Stem, Dubwax (Vinyl), Riot Riot Technique, Filter, Greenfields (Digital)

Herzel is a multitalented artist basically trained in photography and visual arts.

His music knowledge and experience is mainly formed by passion for music and sound itself, but also from many years of DJing. As an artist his work is based on the sound arrangements for different bodies of visual works, part of the photo, video and sound installations.

Nowadays Herzel’s concept of music production is to blend a variety of different genres in electronic music into his own tracks. It’s a kind of “dreamy music for the dancefloor”.

Herzel has released EP´s on labels such as Uncanny Valley, Biologic Records, Hivern Discs, Pinkmans Charlois,… and his tracks were featured on Compost Records, Watergate Records and Cocoon.

Herzel played already at Tresor, Farbfernseher, Ipse, Studio R, Golden Gate, Griessmühle, Das Hotel (Berlin/D), in Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and in Macedonia.

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