AUBREY // DJ, Producer / UK
Solid Groove, Metropolex, Ferox, Sistrum, Ostgut Ton,..







B.E.F. // DJ, Producer / Berlin, DE




DANIELA LA LUZ // Live Act / Berlin, DE
Rawax, Housewax, Sound Warriors, Moody Heights, White Rabbit Recordings – House / Techno 

Herzel & Genoveva

HERZEL  // DJ, Live Act / Skopje, MACEDONIA
Hivern Discs, Charlois, Other Heights, Stem, Dubwax, Greenfields – House, Techno, Electronica



LAPIEN // DJ, Live Act / Berlin, DE
Mistress, Finale Sessions, Boards, Soul People Music, Other Heights, Bliq, Field Recordings – House, Techno, Electronica



METROPOLIS  // DJ, Live Act / Berlin, DE
Charlois, Pinkman, Bliq, Other Heights, Field Recordings – Acid, Elektro






MIKKI  // DJ / Berlin, DE
White Boys Cant Jump – House, Techno, Dub


Yannick Robyns
YANNICK ROBYNS  // DJ / Producer / Berlin, DE
Chalet, Housewax, Wanted Berlin – House





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