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Let your mind be free.

DJ Dem comes from Thessaloniki, Greece, and is currently living in Berlin. He has been heavily influenced by his early clubbing days and his exposure to the music provided by international guest DJs such as Frankie Knuckles and Derrick May (among many others), who were visiting his hometown, during its house and techno blooming period. He has been involved in music for most of his life, as a DJ and as a producer, but also as a studio engineer, record store buyer/seller and as a radio host.

As a DJ, his sets move around all corners and alleys of house and techno music. Mixing the classics of the past with the new sounds of the present, but also gazing sonically into the future.

There is no fixed style; on the contrary, this openness in the selections creates an ebb and flow, that caters the dancer’s body and mind.

He has been a guest DJ at clubs such as Tresor, About Blank, Griessmühle, Cariocas and more.

Besides DJing, Dem has been producing and releasing music on his own label, Disk Capita. The first release came in 2013. His releases have a similar approach to his DJing, not sticking strictly with one genre, but going with the stream of what he is feeling during the moments of creation. Whether that is Berlin and Detroit influenced techno, or percussive house and ambient minimalistic soundscapes, the sonic results are characterised by their meticulous approach and their creative flexibility.
He has also produced under the Anthropous Anonymous alias, together with And.ID, presenting their vision of house music.

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