Live Act | Producer | Musician | label owner of Parallel Berlin  –  based in Berlin (DE)

Released on Rawax, Housewax, Cocoon, Parallel Berlin, Souvenir Music, Sound Warrior, Moody Heights (Other Heights), White Rabbit Rec., Coincidence, Frole Records …

daniela for beatport

Daniela´s live sets and productions expand the boundaries of understanding house and techno music to new horizons.

Daniela La Luz featured on Telekom Electronic Beats:

Daniela´s debut on Boiler Room Berlin:

Following the principle of “daring is caring”, Daniela is obsessed by the necessity to insert and cover a colorful range of electronic genres into her productions and sets,  because its fun and a pleasure to surprise. Daniela loves diversity and variety.

With an incredible rich background of different styles of music, Daniela has created a personal style that defines her sound. Always looking for a message within the beats, Daniela plays hot and pumping live sets. By processing a colorful range of various kinds of electronic music genres, Daniela is proving her uncompromising diversity on the dancefloor.

In 2015 tINI included Daniela´s track “Feel The Future” into her mix for Ibiza Mix CD by Cocoon > Dana Ruh & tINI

After releasing a couple of EP´s, an album, remixes and tracks – 2016 marks another highlight in Daniela´s producer career.

Moodymann picked her track “Did You Ever” appearing on Moodymann’s latest DJ Kicks compilation, released by K!7.

The release of her second album “Counting Days”. Eight tracks picking up one more time the house theme, juggling with vocals, raw beats and uplifting moods (Label: Housewax).

Last but not least: Daniela´s new born label “Parallel Berlin”, kicking off with the first record “Foreverness” by herself.


Daniela La Luz, polish rooted, born and raised in one of Munich´s suburbs, 6th floor, left door, she dedicates her life to music. Her voyage of discovery was and still is an active analysis through all existing music genres, which leads to an unique blend of house, acid, dub and techno.

At a very young age Daniela fell in love with music. Whilst singing polish folklore songs with her family, Daniela´s curiosity was aroused and she started investigating italodisco, pop, rock, oldies, funk, soul, grunge, hip hop, rap, trip hop, jazz, wave, rave, psychedelic, classical, indie, blues, ska, punk rock, hardcore, nu metal, experimental, RnB, as well as all existing electronic music styles.

It was the year 1996 when Daniela started buying vinyl and spinning records. Her first DJ adventures started in 1999, playing drum´n bass, house and ambient at clubs and events in and around Munich.
In 2000 she founded her first band. During the next six years in bands, Daniela learned in an independent way to play several instruments, wrote many songs, arrangements, recorded an album, performed multiple live gigs and during this voyage she took a deep breath of various genres and ways to make music.

In 2007 Daniela rediscovered club music, bought her first synthesizer and started writing electronic music. First digital releases followed soon, supported by Ken Ishii and Laurent Garnier.

2010 marked one of the highlights in Daniela´s young musical career. Her track „Elle Routine (Original Mix)“ (Label: Syncopated Musik) won a “QWARTZ 6 Electronic Music Award” in the category “Dancefloor & Clubbing” in Paris (FR), among artists such as Laurie Anderson, Gudrun Gut, Apparat, Alec Empire and Pierre Schaeffer: François Bayle and many others.

People Happy (The Essential Voyage)“, released in 2011, was Daniela´s vinyl debut and the initial spark of entering the international scene, a timeless house piece supported by many high profile DJ´s.

From there on Daniela released and remixed music on respected labels such as Housewax, Rawax, Souvenir, Cocoon, Frolé, White Rabbit, Sound Warrior and Coincidence. tINI included Daniela´s production „Feel The Future“ on her Cocoon Ibiza mix CD. Furthermore Moodymann picked her piece „Did You Ever“ as closing track for his DJ Kicks Mix on !K7.

Daniela named her first double album „Based On Electricity“, as the medium electricity was and is an essential power for the creation of electronic music. A house album shining of variety, reminding of US house worlds with analogue, slamming drum machines. Lush, raw, and sweet, then suddenly diving into abstraction, almost techno, yet surprisingly soulful and deep.

In 2014 Daniela got behind the microphone, playing tracks and inviting guests for her Parallel Radio Show. Radio has been a formative and important, daily medium for Daniela ever, since music stepped into her life.

In 2016 Daniela founded her own vinyl only label „Parallel Berlin“, focussing on house and techno hybrids. The first record of the new born label comes from Daniela itself (Foreverness EP), proving her diversity with a record to represent all moods of a set.

Coming next will be Daniela´s second double vinyl longplayer of the same name as the pre-samplerCounting Days“. Eight tracks picking up once more the house theme. Each track is a personal relationship of Daniela and her music, making the whole work sound like a deep and spiritual adventure. In almost every piece Daniela uses her voice in true house tradition to promote positive changes in ourselves. The vocals are snuggled in rotating drums, bass lines, roughness and sweet melodies.

As you can expect from a busy and passionate producer like Daniela, she´s constantly busy  in the studio, extending her life set, creating new releases and already working on her third album.

Passion, beats, variety, Daniela.


Daniela played already at Tresor, Watergate, Club der Visionaere, About Blank, Ipse, Weekend Club, Sisyphos, Chalet, Wilde Renate, Griessmühle, Katerholzig, Ohm, Shift,Harry Klein, Humboldthain, Ohm, Prince Charles, Loftus Hall, Golden Gate, Festsaal Kreuzberg,.. (Berlin/D) //  The Villa (NOR), tINI & The Gang @ Sands (Ibiza, ES), Harry Klein (DE), Obiekt (PL), Her Damit Festival (DE), Plötzlich Am Meer Festival (PL), Dora Brilliant (DE), Schwarzes Schaf (DE), City Club (DE), Prinzip (DE), Wood (BE), Belga Queen (BE), Make Up Club (BE), tINI & The Gang @ Ushuaia (Ibiza, ES), Grelle Forelle (A), Kiste Baden (CH), Strichpunkt (CH), Corsica Studios (UK), Meat (DK), Jazz Club (DK), Kapanan (MK), Godsbanen (DK), Spazio Social Club (SWE), …

Resident Advisor

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