Producer | Live Act| Songwriter   –  based in BERLIN/GERMANY
Released on RAWAX, Housewax, Sound Warrior, Moody Heights (Other Heights), White Rabbit Recordings, Coincidence Records, Frole Records (12″ vinyl)

Danielas sets and productions expand the boundaries of understanding house and techno music to new horizons.
By processing a colorful range of various kinds of electronic music genres, she´s proving her uncompromising diversity on the dancefloor.


Since the early childhood Daniela fell in love with radio, music, singing, records and cassettes. The first electronic music love strike happened in the age of 13, when a Rotterdam techno mixtape fell into her hands. In the age of 16 Daniela started buying records; mainly house, techno, trip hop, drum´n bass and ambient, but also music from every other genre.

Short after she began DJing, Daniela could´ve made a drum´n bass DJ career, but there were more music styles to investigate. In the age of 20 she founded her first band. During this six years of being lead singer and songwriter in indie, hardcore, punk, psychedelic and 60´s bands, Daniela teached herself in a autodidactical way to play several instruments and to write songs. In 2007 she moved back to electronic music.

Due to her first two records in 2011 and 2012 [People Happy and Simply Everywhere], Daniela gained international support with many high profile DJ´s.
In 2013 RAWAX picked her up and she signed. In the same year the album pre-sampler ´Pistol Star´ her first LP ´Based On Electricity´ got released, which was the perfect expose to underline her diversity.
Right now Daniela is working on her second LP, this time for HOUSEWAX.  Other projects are in the making.

With an incredible rich background of different styles of music Daniela has created a personal style that defines her sound, always integrating her own vocals and playing hot, pumping live sets.
Following the principle of “daring is caring”, Daniela is obsessed by the necessity to insert and cover a colorful range of electronic genres into her productions and sets, just because its fun and a pleasure to surprise.

Since the summer of 2013 Daniela is running the PARALLEL RADIO SHOW. With the focus of keeping the informative medium “radio” alife, while calling for attention of floating borders in the electronic music diversity, Daniela invites interesting DJ´s/producers/live-acts/record label owners from the international scene to tell their story and to play their most favorite/most influencing electronic & non-electronic records.


Daniela played already at Tresor,  Watergate, Club der Visionaere, About Blank, Weekend Club, Sisyphos, Chalet, Wilde Renate, Griessmühle, Katerholzig, Shift, Humboldthain, Ohm, Prince Charles, Loftus Hall, Golden Gate, Festsaal Kreuzberg,.. (Berlin/D), Harry Klein, Dora Brilliant, Schwarzes Schaf, City Club, Prinzip, … (D), Fuse Club, Wood, Belga Queen, Make Up Club (B), tINI & The Gang, Sands, Ushuaia (Ibiza), Grelle Forelle (A), Kiste Baden, Strichpunkt (CH), Corsica Studios (UK), Meat, Jazz Club, Godsbanen (DK), Spazio Social Club (Sweden), The Villa (Norway), Poland, Czechia and Macedonia.


Resident Advisor

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