Hello Tini Weng!

DJ – based in Berlin (Germany)
Tini Weng 2020

Yes also in Corona times we are keeping our eyes open for new talents!
Our long time friend Tini Weng as been DJ’ing since a few years and we are more than excited to welcome her at Parallel!

Tini Weng, is a DJ and ballet dancer based in Berlin.

She expressed her love for music in classical ballet for years until she started to move on with Chicago house tunes some years ago and played in different clubs in Berlin.

Her evolution however, began in 2018 when she and three friends started a new free spirit party, called Private Parts and also became a resident of the Genderlich family.
During that time she became a huge fan playing a variety sounds from house to techno – calling her style power house and delivering the needed energy in her sets!

Watch Tini Weng on the Golosa Livestream here.

Parallel Berlin (Planet Parallel) · TINI WENG


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Welcome DJ Dem!


DJ – based in Berlin (Germany)


Let your mind be free.

DJ Dem comes from Thessaloniki, Greece, and is currently living in Berlin. He has been heavily influenced by his early clubbing days and his exposure to the music provided by international guest DJs such as Frankie Knuckles and Derrick May (among many others), who were visiting his hometown, during its house and techno blooming period. He has been involved in music for most of his life, as a DJ and as a producer, but also as a studio engineer, record store buyer/seller and as a radio host.

As a DJ, his sets move around all corners and alleys of house and techno music. Mixing the classics of the past with the new sounds of the present, but also gazing sonically into the future.

There is no fixed style; on the contrary, this openness in the selections creates an ebb and flow, that caters the dancer’s body and mind.

He has been a guest DJ at clubs such as Tresor, About Blank, Griessmühle, Cariocas and more.

Besides DJing, Dem has been producing and releasing music on his own label, Disk Capita. The first release came in 2013. His releases have a similar approach to his DJing, not sticking strictly with one genre, but going with the stream of what he is feeling during the moments of creation. Whether that is Berlin and Detroit influenced techno, or percussive house and ambient minimalistic soundscapes, the sonic results are characterised by their meticulous approach and their creative flexibility.
He has also produced under the Anthropous Anonymous alias, together with And.ID, presenting their vision of house music.

Listen to his Parallel mix here.



Resident Advisor
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We are back…

We are pleased to announce that Parallel Berlin is back! Saturday 26th October at Arkaoda Berlin.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-18 um 20.42.35

After the 11 years anniversary at Griessmuehle last december, we took a short break this year and are happy to come back in the amazing and intimate location that Arkaoda is.
Expect the same diversity and quality of well picked acts as the last 11 years at our label nights in Griessmuehle, About Blank, Tresor, Fuse Club in Brussels, Kompass club in Gent and much more.

Facebook and Resident Advisor!

Lokier (Pinkman / Mexico)
Void Beyond Destruction LIVE
Isabassi (Hölle, suspension)
Nina Berg (Parallel Berlin)

We will start the night with an ambient/drone live set by Void Beyond Destruction, which is the alter ego and solo project of Dorian Korff, an active musician in the German metal scene, known from his bands Hermann and Essenz.

Picking up where Dorian left, Brasilian expat Isabassi will warm us up with her unique blend of dark and deep, bass and industrial. She surprised us at her Säule debut a few months ago and she will do this at Arkaoda as well.

Our special guest (Pinkman Records) is an emerging talent of prominence hailing from Mexico, Lokier, as a DJ & producer is cutting a stream into the estuaries of industrial, EBM and electro afixed with minimal wave, Italo disco and its denounced varieties. While running the gamut of Berlin’s underground, from off-location raves to Panorama Bar klubnacht sets courtesy of Mannequin Records, her breech into the European circuit, although clandestine, has seen Lokier gain familiarity, further expounded through spots on Rinse FM France and a Brokntoys podcast.

With mixes further afield dotted around for Digital Tsunami and The New Brvtalism, Lokier’s diversity in style throws down an array of dramatic soundtrack moves for the dancefloor, weirdo synth, and power electronics. Having sets marked down in Den Hague, Kaiku Club Finland, New York’s Good Room and Rex, Paris, Lokier is as much a stranger to the main arena setting of Village Underground in London as she is in the outer city labyrinths of Milan’s Macao club. 🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️

Closing the night is our resident Nina Berg, who never fails to make the dancefloor boiling. Her sets are a well mixed journey from electro to rave, techno and ghetto.

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