DJ | Producer | Live Act – based in Berlin (Germany)


B.E.F. first began DJing in 2008 and over the years he experienced the power a DJ-Set can have. He became a vinyl addict and talented DJ, live act and producer, who on occasion likes to play with three or four decks. As a result of his experiences within the diverse musical channels of Berlin, B.E.F. is since a couple of years producing and playing under different monikers, as well as curating own events and an record label. B.E.F. has developed his own significant sound ranging between techno, elektro and experimental, while mixing the past, the present and the future.

His musical development naturally led to DJ and live gigs in many respected underground clubs such as Tresor, Griessmühle, Ohm, Wilde Renate, About Blank, Sisyphos, Golden Gate and other German cities.

With his first experiences of making music starting in the childhood,  B.E.F. developed a sensitive and profound understanding for sounds and music. While in the first years after discovery of electronic music his productions have been subjected to quite a lot of variations, he meanwhile found a coherent foundation of a rough, hypnotic and gritty sound. Coming along with the process of discovering the most genuine way of expression he focused on analogue gear.

B.E.F. was one of the founding members and artists on the now defunct label collective Σ (Summe).



At the Parallel Radio Show:


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Picture by Aaron Lapeirre

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