DJ | Producer  – based in UK
released on: Solid Groove, Metroplex, Ostgut Ton, Ferox, Popcorn, Burek and many more


Aubrey is a name who everybody (that´s familiar with techno music) knows, a name that stands for high quality productions and DJ sets. A primary rock of the “zero hour” of electronic dance music, being right there when it all started end of the eighties.

Aubrey´s sets and productions are well known for their sophisticated, jazzy, trippy and soulful vibe. As one of the pioneers of the UK scene, he´s drawing the perfect line between techno and house.

Aubrey has played at Berghain, Tresor, Space Moscow, Space Ibiza, Suicide Circus, Ipse, Berns Stockholm, About Blank, Griessmühle, Barba Zagreb, Showcase Paris, Badaboum Paris, DV1 Lyon, Blackout Madrid, Miniclub Valancia, Moog Barcelona, The Kitchen Dublin, The Loft Lausanne, Outergaze Tokyo, Lust Tokyo, Pop Com Cologne, Cocoon Zürich, Astoria London, Zook Singapore, Movement Kuala Lumpur, 10 of Techno Ghent, and many more places around the globe.

At the age of twelve he became an avid bedroom DJ which taught him the skills that have taken him through a successful and professional career spanning twenty-two years. From his first residency at the Portsmouth club Central Park at eighteen, he soon found himself in London spinning next to Carl Cox, Derrick May, Groove Rider, Colin Dale, Mr. C and many more, at such raves as Energy, Raindance, and legendary clubs such as The Astoria, The Gardening Club, The Pirate Club, The Marquee, Turnmills, Deep Space, Ministry Of Sound, Mr. C’s Release parties and residencies for Fantasy FM and the famous south coast club Sterns.

His music tastes are very varied with his first love of Hip Hop as a teenager, moving quickly onto the emerging Acid House scene from Chicago and then to Detroit Techno and New York House. Due to working in record shops he has a big knowledge of all three genres.

Aubrey started recording at a young age in 1990 for Sheffield label Ozone Recordings under the name of Panic with a release called “Voices Of Energy”, which was then licensed to Buzz in Belgium, Buzz 001. Buzz then went on to release classics by Carl Craig and Derrick May.

Aubrey set up his own label in the same year – Solid Groove Records. The label had 30 vinyl releases over thirteen years and tracks were licensed by Derrick May, Terry Francis, Pete Tong, Adam X, and Carl Cox. As well as this he ran four other labels – Textures,Dark, DOT, and Cheap Knob Gags.


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