Parallel Apparel Edition 2015

Besides the silkscreened black and white shirts, we created a handmade limited edition coloured and black tied-dye shirts.

Check out the whole range on our facebook page here.
Orders and requests go to:

Black T-shirt 27€
White T-shirt 27€
Black Tie-Dye T-shirt 37€
Coloured Tie-Dye T-shirt 37€
Black Lightweight Hoodie 37€
Tied Dye Hoodie 47€
Cotton Gymsack 12€

Prices incl. VAT

parallel shirt 2015 1 parallel shirt 2015 2 parallel shirt 2015 3 parallel shirt 2015 4 parallel shirt 2015 5 parallel shirt 2015 6 parallel shirt 2015 7 parallel shirt 2015 8 parallel shirt 2015 9

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