humboldthain flyer auge FRONT MASTER-05


Mentioning Unbroken Dub (Rawax, Delsin / RU) will ring a bell in everyones ears.
After he denied the russian military draft, the public authorities took away his passport, which blocked him for years from travelling and playing gigs outside of Russia.
But now his time has come and we are very happy to announce that Unbroken Dub will play his first international gig on our next Parallel showcase on the 8th March at Humboldthain, Berlin.

Line up:

Unbroken Dub (Rawax/Delsin, Russia)
Stojche (Tangible Assets/Subwax/Parallel)
René Audiard (Blank Slate/The Double R/Parallel)
Daniela La Luz (Rawax/Parallel)
More info:
For bookings regarding Unbroken Dub´s Europe tour, contact: booking@rawaxmusic.com

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