.. and welcome to the Parallel crew!


We got to know Stefan “Svensker” Jørgensen a few months ago when he booked parallel most-wanted Daniela La Luz for his successful party Meat Club in Copenhagen. We had a nice and easy way to communicate, perfect for doing business!

A few weeks later he asked us if we don´t want to continue working together on another level. So it seemed that he also liked Parallel as a concept. Being such a nice guy isn’t enough of course, so we  checked out his tracks, his mixes, his sets, and hell yeah, even all his pictures. Very less time went by, and we decided to take him under our arms. And proud we are to introduce you now to him!

Svensker is  playing a mixture of house, deep-house & what.ever.rocks.the.club. Since 2006 he has played at many respectable venues in Europe alongside some of the most respectable artists.


But enough talking, guess you´re curious now how he sounds like, no?!


Info & Booking contact:





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