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Seventh Parallel VOYAGER SERIES Podcast is a vinyl only set by NIR IVENIZKI.
One hour of deep & raw house music.

“So Far Away”

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Nir Ivenizki is the founder of Legotek Record Label and is busy doing this together with his partner Doron Eisenberg. When performing he is best recognized for his blend of classic Chicago and Detroit house with deep and tribal sounds.

From the year 2000 on Nir took part and created his first own events in Tel-Aviv such as the Love Parade, Techno – Underground Street Parties, and many more.
In 2005 Nir played in Germany for the first time. He was absolutely impressed by the high quality of Germany’s electronic music scene and recognized a huge gap between Israel’s and Germany’s scene, why he decided to improve Israel’s urban culture by pushing alternative nightlife events, particularly in Tel-Aviv.
Today, Tel-Aviv is one of the major clubbing destinations and maintains a great international reputation.
In summer 2011 Nir moved to Berlin.
Nirs first release was published on Legotek Records and his next vinyl (a collaboration with Oliver Gehrmann) is going to be out soon there as well.



Booking Contact:


Released by: Parallel Podcast Voyager Series 007 

Release date: Feb 1, 2013



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