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Unbroken Dub interview / tour

Straight from Siberia to Berlin. The electronic music scene  was longing for this moment since 2011 and on the 8th of march 2014 it will finally happen:  Unbroken Dub [Rawax/Delsin] is starting his tour and we are very excited about it!

After he could not leave his country for some years, he will play the 8th of march his debut in Berlin – two gigs in one night. One of these two gigs will be at our PARALLEL 008 party at Humboldthain, together with Stojche, Daniela La Luz und René Audiard. Today we spoke with him and asked if he would like to do a short interview with us and here it is – exclusive for Parallel.



PARALLEL: Hi Denis, you are living in the city of Tjumen (western Siberia/Russia). Are you originally from there?

DENIS: Yes, now I’m living in Tyumen, but I’m originally not from this city. I’m from a northern small city called – “Raduzhny”, which means rainbow in english.

PARALLEL: Talking about Siberia we imagine cities right in the middle of wide landscapes of the beautiful, wild taiga and tundra. Is nature inspiring you?

DENIS:   The summers here are beautiful and the forests are amazing; but when the winter is coming, all cities look gray and gloomy. I don´t think i get inspired by that.

PARALLEL: Where else do you get your inspiration from?

DENIS: I love to get inspiration from new music gear and from travelling.

PARALLEL: How would you describe yourself?

DENIS: I don´t know, I´m just a man.

PARALLEL: Is there a house and techno scene in Siberia and have you ever organized parties yourself in Russia?

DENIS: Yes, we have a small scene here. We organize parties every one or two months. Our group is called “Hot Wax”.

PARALLEL: We heard the story that RAWAX was actually only founded for releasing your music. How did that happen? Did you had some releases before as well?

DENIS: The story about this is, that I had produced four tracks and I wanted to release them. I started sending demos to labels which had an adequate music style. I had sent demos to more then 300 labels. DBH music  was at the end of my list. They answered me “Yes, we want to release vinyl with you!”.

PARALLEL: It´s funny that Resident Advisor suspected in their first review about you, that you were for sure one of the dub techno legends working on a new project – that´s a great compliment. How do you feel about that?

DENIS: Yeah, its funny. I think it´s a usual situation in this “unknown artist” hype period of the scene.

PARALLEL: You released 2012 an EP and in 2013 a track on a V. A. compilation on Delsin, any further plans with them?

DENIS: Right now I cannot talk about it, but I don´t plan to stop working with Delsin.

PARALLEL: Where does the name „Unbroken Dub“ actually comes from? Whats the story behind?

DENIS: It´s a small story. When I discovered dubstep music (I mean dubstep of 2005-2007) I just tried to produce something similar. I called this track “Unbroken Dub”.

PARALLEL: Have you been before to western Europe or will this be your first time and how do you feel about it? We heard the story that you denied the military draft, with the consequence that the authorities took your passport away and made it in this way impossible for you to travel outside of Russia.

DENIS: This is my first time and I’m counting the days for that. I am really looking forward to. The story about the military draft is just a simple russian situation with young guys, not so special.

PARALLEL: You will be playing two sets in Berlin in one night, one warm up set on the RAWAX night at Wilde Renate and one peak time set at our PARALLEL 008 showcase at Humboldthain. What can we expect?

DENIS: I can´t tell, I never know what comes into my head.

PARALLEL: You´re right now preparing your tour. What were you working on lately? What´s coming up in the near future?

DENIS: Recently I was working on a remix for Unbalance. Soon you will hear about it on RAWAX.

PARALLEL: What are you expecting from Berlin and what are you looking forward to?

DENIS: I want to see all sides of the city, not only the night life – but of course I want to go to Berghain. I am looking forward to meet all this people, with who I was in contact with only trough the internet.

PARALLEL: A message you would like to tell to the world?

DENIS: Evolve.

PARALLEL: We are really looking forward having you in Berlin, it will be a great honor for us to host you Denis!

DENIS:  Thanks, see you soon!


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Parallel Voyager Podcast: #005 MAREENA SONDERBAR









Our 5th Parallel VOYAGER SERIES Podcast is a vinyl only set by MAREENA SONDERBAR.
One hour of deep & raw house music.

Press Play / Share / Download / Enjoy!

Mareena is representing the true Berlin underground. Calling herself a vinyl addict, she´s weekly extending her Dub, Techno and House record collection.

Doesn´t matter if it´s about playing a “warm up”, “peak time” or “after hour” set: Mareen instantly enjoys playing long House and Techno sets – deep, crunchy, dubby, acid, eclectic, uplifting  – always with a surprising approach in her track collection.

<More Info about Mareena Sonderbar>

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Hello Berlin,

Esther Duijn will be visiting our beautiful city for a few months. She will arrive mid May and stay at least until mid August.


Esther is probably Hollands best female DJ and one of the best Underground House/Techno DJ´s at the moment. You might have catched her playing at Panoramabar, Loftus Hall or Wilde Renate. Or maybe one of her vinyl releases is packed in your DJ bag?

Anyway, Esther is looking forward to play as much as possible in Berlin and/or Germany. Here you come into the game:

Are you interested in letting her shake up the dancefloor on your party, openair, club, …? Or you might know someone who can help her out?

Then email us:

or give us a call at 0049 151 51262130

Esthers latest Set


A bit more info about the good Lady:

Esther Duijn has always been involved in house and techno music. As a dj for over a decade and as a producer for the last four years. She creates music alone and together with her partner in crime Steady Douglas as ‘Duijn&Douglas’. Also she collaborates with Campati as ‘Campati & Esther Duijn’ and was involved with the project ‘D.A.D’ together with Anonym & Steady Douglas.Duijn&Douglas & Esther Duijn have released at least ten EP’s and remixes on vinyl & digital labels worldwide. Their tracks have stirred up the dance floors and tracks like ‘Track 1 / Zuidwest’ was charted on decks.defor over six weeks in the main house charts on the nr. 1 and 2 spot. Two repressings have been pressed of their releases.Next to producing music Esther is spinning records and she also is a collector of rare vinyl. Esther’s style of music cannot really be captured in one phrase. She mixes the new and the old, the rare, the deep & the raw, never compromising the groove, in one sexy onward moving flow. To cut it short: this girl knows how to play house & techno music.

Her influences are SoulPhiction, G-man, Robert Hood, Delano Smith, Patrice Scott, Move D, Moodymann, Theo Parrish amongst many others.

She has been a welcome dj at clubs like Panoramabar, Loftus Hall, Trouw, Zur Wilde Renate, WIP & Kruthuset, to name a few. And Esther is resident dj of Chateau Techno, Amsterdam.


Resident Advisor



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