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Releases on Fathers & Sons, Subwax Bcn, Pluie/Noir, Delaphine (12″)


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“Contempt for the past surely accounts for a consistent failure to consult it,” says Robinson, the American writer, and in the case of the modern day market-oriented schlagers that invade the minds of youngsters, this truth provides us with the numbing realization that the true search for beauty has been scoffed by the fast-paced want to rule the attention of deep-pocketed segments.

Against this backdrop of pop purgatory, S.A.M’s works speak of a peaceful and holistic relation to the world. It draws on that sense of focused curiosity built into each and every listener, and it remains a testament to the existence of young souls, still, who adore that search for beauty that has haunted and thrilled humans all the way back to distant times. S.A.M documents his search with his music – a spacious exploration into the nature of minimal house and sequenced electronica.

Representing the sound of the northern latitudes, the frequencies of S.A.M’s productions is defined by their minute, thorough attention to groove structure and slow-moving ambiances, but also by their subtle request for an organic prioritizing of the principles of electronic music production. This is done through engaging home recordings and alternative sound sources into the production process and by heralding uniquely developed skills for manipulating the clean surface of electronic media into gritty and dusty, organic and ever-evolving soundscapes.

This is not a mere tribute to the conventional minimalist, nor is it a forced entry into the avantgarde; it is a humble play set to be experienced by the body and contemplated by the mind. This is all purposefully achieved while keeping strict loyalty toward the genres of minimal house and paying respect to the origins of the house music strain – especially in the American tradition. The purpose is to move forward while looking back.

Keeping the index finger on the sampler, the middle finger to the mainstream critics and a thumb in the ground, this experienced newcomer will ease your ears with the high-quality output of his fresh and well-structured sequencer, while paying respect to the traditions that produced him.

S.A.M. played at Wilde Renate (Berlin/D), Gypsy, Vanilla Ninja (RU), OFF:Wax, Sonar Festival (ES), Project London Records (UK),  Søndagsvenner, Culture Box (DK) and much more.




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Info & Booking contact:
Riet – 0049 173 9077584



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